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          Christina Strand (MDD) and Niels Hvass
          (MAA) are part of the new generation of
          Scandinavian designers. They believe that
          design in itself is a strategy that can improve
          the conditions of human life, the environ-
          ment and personal experiences. Addition-
          ally, they believe that design can be used as
          a tool to develop the competitive power and
          economic growth of society.  Their design
          is usercentered and deeply rooted in the
          Scandinavian culture. Simplicity and well-
          balanced lines are the cornerstones of their

                                                                                     Jesper K. Thomsen

                                                                                     Jesper K. Thomsen believes that design and
                                                                                     product development is about being realistic.
                                                                                     He is an experienced individual who is known
                                                                                     for creating simplified designs that solve com-
                                                                                     plex challenges. It is about the right quality
          Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen MDD                                               at the right price, and about durability. Fine
                                                                                     sketches on the art board are worth nothing,
                                                                                     if it cannot be produced at the right price or
          Johannes Foersom and Peter Hiort-Lorenzen (MDD) are two of Scandi-         even be produced at all.
          navia’s most renowned and successful furniture designers. Their goal is
          to create long-lasting value, and to stimulate a healthy development for
          people and their surroundings. They strive towards the highest quality
          in cooperation, process and product, and believe that knowledge and
          innovation are fundamental. The impressive use of exibility makes the
          furniture appear as small architectonic wonders.

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