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meet our designers

                Cane-line only works with leading Danish designers. They all share deep roots in the Danish design tradition built
                on craftsmanship, quality and distinctive expression. They also share an understanding of our Cane-line vision “life
                made comfortable” which is integrated in every design.
                CANE-LINE DESIGN TEAM
                In Cane-line the core value for good design is comfort and we believe in the optimal mix between aesthetics and
                functionality. Our own internal design team is working every day with this in top of mind to create an optimal col-
                lection with unique products adding value to your life and making your life more comfortable. Cane-line design
                team is also working closely with our external designers.

                                                                                     Rikke Frost

                                                                                     Rikke Frost believes that the materials and
                                                                                     their combination create a unique experi-
                                                                                     ence both visually, functionally and tactile.
                                                                                     She is often fascinated by a material or a
      Welling/Ludvik                                                                 certain production method. Through the
                                                                                     combinations of materials and by exploit-
                                                                                     ing their properties, she creates a natural
      The design duo Welling/Ludvik, Hee Welling and Gudmundur Lud-                  utility. The designs must be seen and felt.
      vik, are contributing to the renewal of environmentally friendly de-           The idiom is recognizable and simple,
      sign centered around personal experience. They are defined by a                focusing on colour, detail and surprising
      pure aesthetic, stripping away excess and letting each detail serve            features that give the experience of a uni-
      a functional purpose. They aim to achieve the best possible solution           form design.
      as seen from a number of perspectives. Comfort, materials, construc-
      tion, pricing and environment are all defining factors in their approach
      to design.


                                                  ByKATO, Karl Rüdiger Rossell and Tonny
                                                  Glismand, are  dedicated to  creating con-
                                                  temporary, highly usable products for eve-
                                                  ryday living. They aim to bridge the gap
                                                  between commercial, industrial design and
                                                  high-quality craftsmanship by using honest
                                                  and justifiable materials and paying careful
                                                  attention to even the most minute detail.
                                                  Their mantra is to design products, which
                                                  they would like to have so they always take
                                                  starting point in their own needs. In this way
                                                  it all comes from the heart and the required
                                                  enthusiasm is always present.

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