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because we care

                we are social responsible                      comfort is our core value

                Cane-line products are manufactured with the greatest care for our   Our core value is comfort in all aspects of our furniture. We have
                environment and the wellbeing of people. We believe that respon-  used countless hours developing and choosing the right designs,
                sibility goes beyond the design and production of furniture. Our   technology and materials. Comfort for us is how well you sit or lay,
                production is committed to a sound environmental policy and an   how smooth our furniture functions, the very low maintenance, our
                ongoing focus on improving working conditions in the countries in   QuickDry system, the easy cleaning and the long lasting materials.
                which we operate. This means that no child labour is allowed and   Our Cane-line designs can be used all over the world and under any
                that wage levels are fair and in accordance with local legislation.   climatic conditions. The strong frames, UV-resistant materials and
                In addition, we are very conscious about the consumption of    quick drying cushions can stay out in glaring sun, pouring rain or
                resources, about recycling and the cleaning of wastewater. These   frost. Our mission “life made comfortable” is total comfort for you.
                standards apply to both us and our suppliers and we continually
                strive to improve conditions in the factories. Our corporate conduct
                and activities have earned international certifications submitting us   all weather furniture
                to external control on an on-going basis. This is your guarantee that
                we are committed to safeguarding people and the environment.  All Cane-line furniture is made of quality materials. The materials in
                                                               our outdoor collection withstand large temperature differences and
                                                               season changes. To prolong product lifetime, we recommend that
                                                               furniture is placed indoors during winter or covered with one of our
                                                               covers. The entire outdoor collection is easy to maintain, however
                                                               ordinary cleaning of your furniture will keep it looking it's best for
                                                               years and prolong its lifetime.

                The UN Global Compact is a strategic   Cane-line teak furniture is made from
                policy initiative for businesses that are   WWF-GFTN certified production in
                committed to aligning their operations   Indonesia. This is a guarantee that the
                and strategies with ten universally   teak production supports responsible
                accepted principles.  forest management.

                Cane-line  is  certified  by  the  international   This printed matter is carbon compen-  All series with this QuickDry system symbol cushions are delivered
                certification  DNV-GL (Det  Norske Veritas):   sated according to ClimateCalc. Offsets
                ISO14001:2015 and SA8000/2014  purchased from: South Pole Carbon.   with QuickDryFoam . Read more on page 147.
                                      Cert. no. CC-000033/DK

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