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because we care about you

                                       TIME IS LIFE QUALITY & COMFORT
                                       The overall headlines for the Cane-line 2019 collection are
                                       time, life quality and comfort. Cane-line aims to increase
                                       life  quality  by  offering  high  quality  products  with  long
                                       lifetime and low maintenance. On top of this, comfort is
                                       key to us. In all we do, we think “comfort”, whether it is
                                       design, seating, function, materials or maintenance. All
                                       areas are joined in a perfect balance and the result is
                                       comfort for you.

                                       An important factor in our daily life is “time” as it is a
                                       lack in the busy world we live in. In this way, time is also
                                       comfort. The low maintenance of our furniture gives you
                                       time for the more valuable things in life – such as social
                                       gatherings with family and friends, or just reflecting and
                                       unwinding by yourself.

                                       Our DNA, contributing to the comfortable life outdoors,
                                       reflects in our 2019 collection. All designs and products
                                       can “mix and match”. In this way, it is easy for you to style
                                       a personal look in your outdoor room. The broad range of
                                       products offers lots of possibilities in both classical designs
                                       and colors, but the assortment also offers the possibility for
                                       spicing up the décor with the new color scheme integrated
                                       in our accessories, that we launch in the collection.

                                       I hope you will enjoy our 2019 collection.

                                       Brian Djernes
                                       CEO, Cane-line A/S

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