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because we care about you

                                        DISCREET LUXURY & EXCELLENT COMFORT
                                        Scandinavian design and the Nordic-living lifestyle are more IN
                                        than ever. This trend is reflected in the Cane-line 2018 outdoor
                                        collection, which offers discreet luxury together with excellent
                                        comfort. The collection is highly flexible: our products are ready to
                                        use everywhere, by everyone and in every possible combination.
                                        This means you can easily mix and match the range to create a
                                        cool, personalized look. Design, comfort, high-quality materials
                                        and low maintenance are the leading DNA factors of Cane-line,
                                        offering “life made comfortable” in every aspect.
                                        Comfort is key to Cane-line, as it includes how comfortable you
                                        find our seating solutions. Our use of high-quality materials
                                        ensures long product lifetime with low maintenance. On top of this,
                                        we manufacture using unique Cane-line technologies; we prioritise
                                        corporate social responsibility and care about sustainability. We
                                        are certified to ISO 14001 and SA8000 for these reasons.
                                        Trends also show people like to live with colours, and our new
                                        colour  scheme  integrated  into  softer  products  like  cushions,
                                        as well as carpets and small tables, supports a new look for the
                                        furniture. Think outside the box and create your own personal style.
                                        Cane-line offers a full portfolio with everything you need to
                                        decorate and style your outdoor living space.

                                        WE AIM TO INSPIRE YOU
                                        For extra inspiration in the catalogue this year, we have added
                                        an inspiration board full of beautiful Instagram photos taken
                                        by instagrammers all over the world, showing how they live with
                                        Cane-line. We also report on our visit to stylist Lene Ostenfeldt,
                                        who has created her own personal “hideaway in the city”.
                                        Be inspired by all of the great décor ideas, and please have a look
                                        at #caneline, #canelinemoments and #canelineprojects for more
                                        I hope you will enjoy our 2018 collection.

                                                                 Brian Djernes
                                                                 CEO, Cane-line A/S

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